Vending Machines Are Taking Over The World

Today, one is never far from a vending machine. They dispense an enormous number of different products and cater for almost anything.

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A typical image of a vending machine will likely be a coffee beverage machine at the workplace or perhaps a machine dispensing snacks and crisps. However nowadays they may just as easy be vending electrical goods, sports products, make up, condoms, hot meals or even maggots for fishing.

It was in the late Victorian era that we saw the first vending machine appear in the UK. They were used to sell postcards. The ubiquitous machines today sell stamps, chocolate bars, beverages, cigarettes etc. and they are placed in convenient public places such as railway stations or any other busy public place. There was an idea developing among consumers that these machines end up rejecting most coins but the technology has advanced a lot in recent years. This is no longer true. Most modern machines now have a guaranteed vend system. This is software that ensures that unless a product is successfully vended the machine automatically refund the customer. This cuts down on irate customers and the need for refunds.

Are these machines a must for our survival or we can do without them? In Japan, there is a vending machine for every 23 people and in UK, there is a machine for every 55 people. A machine may be found on every street or corner, selling drinks, music, live crabs and even underwear in Japan. They are the biggest vending market in the world. Vending machines are getting more and more common and advanced as well.

The most commonly used machines are for snacks and beverages. One can get a freshly brewed cup of coffee or their favorite snack by just feeding the machine with the coins. Newspaper vending machines too are getting popular in US and Canada. Vending machines have undergone significant changes and are continually evolving.Many of them are now accepting credit cards to make it more convenient for the customer. The companies can monitor and audit their machines even from afar.

Modern machines are conscious of their carbon footprint and will power down and enter energy saving mode when they haven’t been used for a set period. They also use low energy LED’s rather and low energy lighting.

More fresh innovations in machines include improved coin and bill validation. Most telemetry technology providers are testing the market with diverse setups for the machine. We will soon come across other innovations such as internet kiosks and DVD vending. Keep in mind that vending is a multi-billion dollar industry today and expanding at a steady rate.

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