5 Easy Ways to Find Hidden Water Leaks at Home

Our homes rely on water for our basic needs. Whether from a leaking roof or burst pipes, hidden water leaks may be disastrous to your property. As water leaks through your home, it can quickly create costly damage. Savvy homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to improve their houses. If you detect the slightest hint of a water leak, you can quickly fix the issue before getting worse and creating more significant damage. Early detection of your water leaks can save you money and prevent considerable damage.


Ways to Find Hidden Water Leaks at Home


These essential tips can help you find hidden water leaks in your home and prevent damage before it leads to costly and significant repairs.


1.   Watch Your Utility Bills

Your water bill provides detailed information as to what’s going on inside your home. If there is a hidden water leak in your home, your water bills will show a rise in water use even with no massive change in your water consumption. The easiest way to address this is to keep a record of your water bills. If you think you have a water leak, you should compare your current bill to the previous few months to note any significant changes. If there have been no significant changes, there are likely no significant leaks in your home.


2.   Look for Signs of Mold


Hidden water leaks can be challenging to find.  Mold development is a significant indication that there is a water issue in your home. Unexpected color changes in your walls, floors, or ceiling can indicate mold caused by water leaks. In addition to visual signs, the smell of mold is also easy to detect. To watch for signs of decay, you should continuously inspect your bathroom and kitchen, especially near your sinks, drains, or plumbing system pipes. If you notice visual signs of mold or suddenly smell foul odors in your home, call a plumber immediately for an inspection.


3.   Monitor Your Water Meter


You can also watch your water meter for signs of water leaks. If your water meter continues to move when all water has been turned off in your home, this is a clear indication that there is a leak. To check your water meter, turn off all faucets and sources of water throughout your house. Once all water is turned off, watch your water meter for changes. Wait a little bit of time and check back to see if there are any additional changes. This would be a clear sign that there’s a water leak somewhere in your home.


4.   Keep an Eye on Your Lawn


Everyone wants a beautiful lawn, but if one part of your lawn is considerably greener and grows faster than the rest, there may be a leak in your exterior water lines. If the leak is severe enough, you may notice pooling water on your lawn. Keep an eye on changes in your outdoor landscape to watch for signs of water leaks.

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