8 Tips on Training Any Dog

When you have found the perfect puppy and decide to bring the pooch home, it is important to start training as soon as possible. Promoting good behavior with dogs and making sure that there is proper technique with training is very important.



Here are 8 top tips on making sure that training your pooch goes smoothly.



Tip 1: House Rules


Deciding house rules for our furry friends is one of the top priorities when it comes to bringing that puppy home. Are they allowed on beds? What is off limits for the dog? Where can they go inside and outside of the home? These rules help both the owner and dog determine what is allowed and prevents confusion for the dog.



Tip 2: Private Den


Dogs, much like humans, need their own personal space. Setting up this private space as soon as the pupper is home will help them have a place to relax and chill when home alone. It’s also vital to make sure to reward the dog while they are quite in their den.



Tip 3: Choosing your Dog’s Name


Making sure the dog’s name is easily understood by the dog as well as short allows for better training in the long run for the dog. It’s also vital to make sure that the dog associates their name with good, positive experiences, unlike sad, negative experiences.



Tip 4: Teaching to Come When Called


The first thing that should be taught to the dog is to come to you when their name is called. To make sure that this does happen, there should be positive rewards following the arrival of the pup when called for.



Tip 5: Help Relax Your Dog


Helping the dog relax when it is stressed or in a new environment allows the pupper to become more comfortable and happy around you. It also helps the dog become more comfortable with their new forever home.



Tip 6: Rewarding Good Behavior


Rewarding the good behavior of a pupper is vital to training. When rewarding them with this good behavior, it allows them to understand that their actions are good and should be repeated.



Tip 7: Say No to Biting and Nipping from the start


When training your pooch to not bite or nip, making them afraid they are hurting you is the safest way to go around this. Letting out a quick yelp will show the dog that it’s not good and hurt you should stop them from doing that in the future. Dogs tend to be sympathetic and not want to hurt their humans.



Tip 8: End All Training Session Positively


Ending all training sessions with a positive note helps the dog understand that everything that they have done was correct and meant to happen. Typically, the best way to end on a high note for the dog is with a treat and lots of scratches,




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