How to Care for Your Eyeglasses?

Your eyeglasses are essential accessories that allow you to see and protect your vision. They should be treated with the same care as you would give to any other valuable belonging you possess. If you wear glasses, you know how irritating it is to have dirt or dust sticking to your lenses.


Proper eyeglasses maintenance can help keep your glasses clean and your vision at its best. Finding the right pair – shape, color, and fit – that suits your style and preferences takes a long time. Once you find those perfect lenses, don’t you want them to last?


Here are some tips to help ensure that your eyeglasses are cared for and well-maintained to help them last.


How to Care for Your Eyeglasses


Let’s jump right in!


1.   Use Both Hands When Handling Your Glasses


Both hands, please! Just think about this for a second, how many times have you removed your glasses with both hands? Probably not a lot. This is a difficult habit to break, but using both hands keeps your eyeglasses firm, secure, and balanced.


While taking off your glasses with one hand adds to the drama and excitement in Hollywood movies, it’s not the best practice for your daily life. This iconic movie gesture can cause the screws to loosen or the glasses frame to loosen, breaking your glasses over time.


2.   Store Your Glasses Properly


Let’s admit it, keeping your glasses on your head when you’re not wearing them or throwing them in your bag when you’re in a rush is much easier than finding your case. However, it’s imperative to keep them in your protected case when you take off your glasses. This helps you protect your glasses from dust and dirt, preventing them from being scratched or destroyed. Some dust particles, minor scratches, or smudges can make it difficult to see clearly. So, you need to do whatever you can to keep your glasses secure.


3.   Before Wiping Your Glasses, Give Them a Good Rinse


Before wiping your lenses, clean them with water. Directly wiping them can cause particles to rub against the glass, scratching it. After rinsing your lenses, you can use the cloth that came with your eyeglasses to remove any remaining dust. Allowing water drops to dry on the lenses will result in water stains, so wipe them down right away.


4.   Don’t Lose Them


Let’s start with a common scenario: you arrive home exhausted and overworked, and you remove your glasses and put them on the entryway table, the bed, or maybe next to the sink. Next thing you know, you have no idea where your glasses are, and it’s probably difficult to find them now that you can’t see. Make it a habit to always put your glasses in the same place, where they belong. If you have to put them down in a rush, place them on a flat surface with the lenses facing up to avoid damage. The best-case scenario is to keep them tucked safely in your glasses case.


5.   Keep Them Clean with the Right Products


Household cleaners and common soaps cannot be used to clean your glasses because the chemicals in them will damage the coating on the lenses. Even though it’s handy, you should also avoid using your saliva to clean your glasses because of the germs and stains left behind. Clean your frames and nose pads, which catch dust, with an eyeglass-friendly product. You can typically find wipes at your local store.


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