How to Protect Your Roofs through Hurricane Season

Experiencing a natural disaster can be a frightening situation. If you are not prepared, your property can be susceptible to significant storm damage. Your roof can endure considerable damage in severe windstorms that costs a substantial amount of money to repair.

If you live in an area that’s prone to hurricane weather, take these steps to protect your roof from damage.


Ways to Protect Your Roof During Hurricane Season


Here are some ways to protect your roof through hurricane season and prevent significant damage:


1.   Maintain a Routine Roof Inspection Plan


While hurricanes can cause damage on the most secure roofs, weaker roofs are particularly susceptible to weather damage. Inadequate waterproofing, loose shingles, and other common issues can leave your home at risk for severe damage when a hurricane rips through your area. That’s why enlisting in some sort of routine inspection plan is vital for homeowners who live in an area prone to storms.


Routine roof inspections can check for:


  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Absent, faulty, or unfastened nails
  • Compromised sealant or flashing
  • Cracked or worn pipes or vents
  • Visible rust or other signs of aging


2.   Repair Pre-Existing Damage


If you have minor repairs that you’ve been putting off to save money, it’s vital to get the work done before hurricane season. Check the interior of your home for signs of pre-existing damage. Look for stains or water spots on the ceiling and walls. Walk around the exterior of your property to check for missing or damaged roof shingles. If you think there are any issues with your roof, contact your local roofer immediately for repairs.


3.   Maintenance


A well-maintained roof provides your home with the best defense against these storms. Roof maintenance is a cost-effective alternative to fixing repairs once the damage has already occurred. Some benefits of roof maintenance are:


  • Early warning of problems with skylights, pipes, and vents
  • Early detection of loose tiles, nails, and other damage that requires attention
  • Identify weak points or unusual wear and tear that can be easily fixed with minor repairs


Talk to your local roofer to create a roof maintenance plan that works within your budget. Your maintenance plan can identify signs of minor issues and provide affordable repairs before your roof damage becomes progressive.


4.   Install Hurricane Shutters


Storm shutters are defensive coverings that effectively save your house from the pressure of strong winds and flying storm debris. While they are most commonly used on windows and doors, they can provide an overall defense from storm damage. Your local roofer can suggest suitable options for your property.  Storm shutters are made up of aluminium or steel. Sometimes owners use plywood as a more cost-powerful alternative. During installation, you can also talk about adding extra reinforcement to your roof to protect it from lifting when exposed to heavy wind gusts.


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