Moving Supplies Checklist to Make Your Move Easier

Moving to a new place can be a complicated and stressful process. You need to have the right plan to make your move successful, especially when packing. Packing your belongings is one of the most challenging parts of the moving process. In this article, we’ll discuss all the moving supplies you’ll need to have on hand to make your move easier.


Moving Supply Checklist


Here are some of the essential moving supplies you’ll need to make your move easier:


1.   Boxes


Obviously, one of the most essential moving supplies you’ll need is boxes. To make packing easier, purchase or borrow a range of box sizes. Get small packing boxes for heavier items like books and large boxes for light, bulky goods like pillows and blankets.


2.   Packing Tape


You’ll also need a lot of packing tape. Make sure to get good quality, heavy-duty tape. You’ll need it for both setting up boxes and sealing them after they’re full. You’ll probably need more tape than you think, so stock up on some extra rolls.


3.   Packing Labels


Once you have packed the boxes, you should label them to know what is in each box. While everyone has their own method of labeling, using packing labels is the best option. You can quickly identify what’s in each box and remove the tags to reuse boxes in the future.


4.   Bubble Wrap


You’ll need to wrap fragile items like glass, ceramics, and porcelain with bubble wrap. This won’t only protect your items, but it will also keep them safe and secure in their place when the boxes are moved.


5.   Plastic Bags


Plastic bags are ideal for holding small objects that may otherwise be misplaced. You should have a variety of sizes. For example, small baggies can be used to keep screws secure that you remove when disassembling furniture.


6.   Tools


Have the essential tools you’ll need to disassemble your furniture on hand when you’re ready to pack. This will save you time as you take apart large pieces of furniture. You should also keep your tools close by on moving day.


7.   Furniture Covers


To preserve your furniture and avoid scratches and dings, you should have some furniture covers available. While these coverings don’t provide much in the way of cushioning, they do keep your furniture clean and prevent damage to the surface. You can use old comforters, sheets, or towels to cover furniture if you want to save on expenses.


8.   Floor Protection


While the floor might be the last thing on your mind while you’re in planning, you need to protect your floor from scratches and other damage. To preserve your hardwood floors, use rugs. For carpeted floors, consider using furniture sliders to protect your floors when moving heavy furniture.


9.   Truck and Dollies


If you hire a professional moving company, they will bring their own truck and dollies. If you need help arranging items before your movers arrive, ask them to borrow some dollies. They’re perfect for transporting big boxes and bulky furniture around your house or to your vehicle.


10.   Lifting and Cargo Straps


While these are a must-have for movers, they can also help move things around your house. Lifting straps distribute weight more evenly and allow you to carry large items such as heavy furniture and appliances. Additionally, cargo straps, also known as safety straps, keep things from sliding around in your vehicle.

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