Reasons Why Regular Oil Changes Are Essential

Car lovers know how crucial car maintenance is, and getting your car’s oil changed regularly is no exception. Your car is a significant investment. In today’s day, being able to afford a car isn’t easy for everyone. It would be unfair to yourself to let your car get damaged due to neglect.


Oil is an essential lubricant that your car can’t function without. A proper functioning car demands good oil and regular oil changes. Many people ignore or delay oil changes for their car either due to their hectic routine or just laziness. The delay in oil changing can cause some severe problems for your vehicle. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why regular oil changes are essential.


The Importance of Regular Oil Changes


Routine oil changes are significant for many reasons. This includes:


1.   Lubrication


A fully functioning vehicle does a lot of work on a daily and weekly basis. Just as blood in our body is essential, so is oil for a car. Many parts in your vehicle, like pumps and engines, need continuous lubrication to work correctly without any wear and tear or any risk of overheating.

The pistons and valves work at a fast speed when in movement. Therefore, they need constant lubrication. The wear and tear and overheating due to increased friction force will no doubt cause severe problems for your car. Without the proper lubrication, you risk breaking down or causing significant damage to your engine.


2.   Good for Collecting Dirt and Debris


Apart from lubricating the valves and pistons, oil also pulls out excess dirt and debris. If accumulated in the car engine, dirt and debris can decrease its life span. Therefore, the oil serves an essential purpose once again. Over time, due to continuous work collecting all the debris and dust particles, the oil can adopt a sludgy consistency. This poses a threat to your engine. To avoid this problem, it is ideal to change your oil every 3000-5000 miles or every 5-6 months.


3.   Prevents Overheating


A thick sludge-like oil means less lubrication. Less lubrication means an increased force of friction, and an increased force of friction means your engine will overheat. Due to constant heat, the piston might wield itself in the cylinder and destroy the engine. To avoid this, it is mandatory to get the oil changed regularly so that the car can be effectively cooled.


4.   Better for the Environment


As an individual, we have to take care of the environment. We all know how much vehicles contribute to environmental pollution. We can lessen the impact of our carbon footprint by getting the oil changed regularly. Overused oil contributes to the emission of harmful chemicals. Therefore, the best way to help our environment is to stay on top of our vehicle’s health.


5.   Increased Engine Lifespan


It should come as no surprise from the points mentioned above that getting your car’s oil changed regularly guarantees a longer engine lifespan. Fresh and clean oil coursing through your vehicle promises a better running engine without any chances of frictions or overheating. It is only with all of the steps mentioned above that we can truly ensure our engine’s health.


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