Top Tips to Keep Wild Animals Away from Your Property

If you’re a property owner, you don’t want to have to deal with wild animals roaming through your yard. Most homeowners have had an encounter with some sort of wild animal at some point. They don’t just scare you as you’re walking through the yard at night. Still, they also can cause a lot of damage to the exterior of your property and sometimes to the interior, too.


If wild animals have a habit of showing up at your property, there are many simple ways you can keep them away. Let’s take a look!


Easy Ways to Keep Wild Animals Off Your Property


Here are some tips to keep wild animals away from your property:


1.   Seal Access Points


If you want to keep wild animals away from your property, the first step is to check all the possible entry points for wildlife animals and then solidly seal them up. This practice will help you avoid the property destruction of wildlife animals getting into your home through tiny entry points. You can keep them away just by sealing off any exterior holes that might be a way in. They can be sealed with cement, lath metal, or hardware cloth. These materials are readily available at your local hardware shops. Still, you can also talk to local pest control for help.


2.   Use Hot Sauce


Believe it or not, hot sauce can help save different parts of your property exposed to wild animals that like to chew! Some rodents like to chew their way into your property, attacking your wood or plastic protection and making a hole just big enough that they can get in. You can prevent this by applying hot sauce to problem areas once you seal them. The hotness bothers the rodents, deterring them from trying again.


3.   Trim Trees


Trimming trees in your garden is very important. Have you ever wondered how animals make their way into your attic after you followed all the prevention methods as instructed? This happens because you have forgotten to cut down the trees and branches that give animals an easy way onto your roof. Animals easily climb onto your roof from hanging tree branches and make their way into your attic.


Keep trees trimmed low enough that animals can’t make their way onto your roof. Remove low-hanging branches or any greenery that would prevent animals from jumping into your house.


4.   Fencing


Installation of a tall, privacy fence is also an option to keep wild animals away from your property. Tall fences limit the animals to a safe distance, preventing them from entering your property. If you have a significant issue with wild animals, talk to your pest control or fencing company to ensure you pick the right fence to keep them out!


5.   Get a Dog


If you’re considering getting a family dog, they can be an excellent deterrent for wild animals. There are actually a variety of dogs specifically trained for these purposes, helping home and business owners with serious wild animal issues keep their property safe.


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