What to Do When You Flush Something Valuable

Accidentally flushing something valuable down the toilet is a painful and problematic occurrence. Surprisingly, it happens more often than you think. If you lose flush something useful down your toilet, there are many cases where you can recover it. For example, if you drop your wedding ring down the bathroom drain, it may get stuck in your traps. In most cases, a professional plumber or drain cleaning service can help you retrieve it.


However, in some cases, you may lose your valuables forever. If you’ve flushed something valuable down your drain accidentally, you need to contact someone for help before you give up on it ultimately. Here are some tips to help you recover your valuables if you’ve accidentally dropped them down one of your drains.


What Should You Do When You Flush Something Valuable?


Here’s what you can do if you accidentally flush something valuable down the drain:


1.   Don’t Flush the Toilet


If you drop something valuable in the toilet, don’t flush! Even if you can’t see it, it might be sitting just out of view. If you flush your toilet, the object will be dragged deeper down your drainpipe. The farther it goes, the less likely you will be able to find it.


2.   Cut the Water Supply to Your Toilet


If you think there’s a chance that you can retrieve your lost valuables, cut off the water supply to your toilet. This will prevent yourself or other people in your family from accidentally flushing the toilet again and moving your item further into your plumbing system. Turning off the water supply can also help avoid a flood if your valuable completely block your drain. Turn the toilet valve clockwise to switch off the water flow to the toilet. The water supply valve is typically located behind the toilet.


3.   Remove the Tank Lid


Most standard toilets come with a tank lid that can be easily removed. Carefully take the cover off the water tank and set it aside. We suggest putting it somewhere out of the way, so it doesn’t get damaged before you’re able to reinstall it.


4.   Drain the Water from the Toilet


Remove all of the water from the tank and toilet bowl with a wet vacuum or a small container. This will prevent water from splashing or leaking on you or the bathroom floor. Wear gloves and dispose of as much water as possible with a bottle or bucket. When you drain the water, you may be able to find your valuable somewhere inside. If not, leave your toilet as is while you contact a professional for help.


5.   Contact a Professional


Before you take your toilet apart any further, you should contact your local plumber or drain cleaning service for help. This will help avoid significant issues that could occur when you try to handle things on your own. A local plumber will be able to get deeper into your pipes and let you know if your valuables can be recovered.


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If you need a professional Palmdale drain cleaning service to help find your valuables, we’re here to help. Contact Antelope Valley Plumbing today to schedule an appointment.


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